Jun 8, 2023Liked by Megan Hodges

Hahahahaha can you imagine actually not telling Skottie and just selling them?! LOL

But wow! What an incredible selection of OA! Some of my favorites in no particular order are Land of Oz #8, A Princess of Mars #1, the Cable & Deadpool covers, and Asgardians #1! Those older covers especially are really cool to see the OA go up for sale! Good luck on everyone going after them!

Bumbed as usual I still don't live in NC so I can make it out to Heroes Con. But hoping that y'all and everyone going has a great time! The Life and Times of Skottie Young panel sounds like it'll be especially fun!

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Haha, he may fire me for real! Agree it’s a fun selection from all over the Skottie career spectrum.

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Sick! Can't wait to meet you guys and get some signatures and hopefully a couple pictures. Thanks for directing me here Megan!!

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