I love, love, these drawings! I wish I could have afforded one, but of course they are all sold. I any so lucky, no we, your fans are so lucky you share these drawings with us. I do so love you guys and your screwed up minds. Thank you. When will the next Fairyland be out? Take care all you crazy MF 'er. Hope to hear from you all soon 🤪🩵😵‍💫🩷

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May 11Liked by Megan Hodges

Howdy howdy Megan! Very excited for yet another Skottie store exclusive! I've yet to pickup Groot so I'm thinking nows the perfect time to grab both!

Wow, loving the Boy At the End sketches! I'm curious if it's more difficult for Skottie to let these go vs other characters he sketches that aren't his? I appreciate him letting people purchase them though and wish everyone luck going after them! The Sleep-o-matic especially is one of my favorites of the group. Along with the ALS Ice Bucket sketch!

Hoping you, Skottie, John and everyone over at Stupid Fresh Mess has an awesome release day!

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